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1931 Packard speedometer wanted

AK Buickman

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Wanted:  A complete speedometer, or any parts of a speedometer, for a 1931 Packard.  I'd consider buying the following individual parts from you if they are in excellent condition:  

-faceplate reading "North East,"

-glass lens, and

-chrome bezel around glass. 

What have you got?


Contact me at



Thank you! 

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I'm having trouble posting a photo.  

Sending me an e-mail at 225carguy@live.com would work better for me with photos.  Also, if you did a Google images search for 1931 Packard speedometer, there should be a photo there.

The '31 Packard speedometer is oval, and has a window showing the numbers of the car's speed, not a needle pointing to the speed as in most speedometers. 


Thank you

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