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Model T or Classic Car needed for Documentary

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My name is Darrell Johnston of Highway Walkers Media. My partner and I are traveling the length of the Jefferson Highway in mid-May of 2016 to discover the significance of the historical highway and to bring a sense of pride to the small communities it passes through. The Jefferson Highway runs from Winnipeg to New Orleans and was founded in 1916.

The Model T we had reserved is no longer available. We are now in a pinch to find a Model T that can make the journey or another classic car from a similar era. The documentary is funded and has a budget for upkeep, gas and repairs if needed. 

Send inquires and pictures to thehighwaywalkers@gmail.com or darrell.j.johnston@gmail.com


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I'd heard about your road trip, but not that the car you had lined up is no longer available.  Very sorry ... hope you are able to find another one to drive!



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