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WTB Rear vent window seals

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You didn't say what body style you have, but let's assume it's a 4-door sedan with a rear quarter vent window hinged on the front edge.  As the Studebaker parts aren't available - and may not be anytime soon - I wonder if something from another car brand could be used.  A Chrysler 4-door sedan from about 1938 seems to also have a rear vent window of similar size and shape.  Perhaps a little work with a razor blade and some Crazy Glue could make one of those work.  Steele Rubber has those parts (40-0182-76, $195/pair), and they indicate the parts need to be glued anyway .  Perhaps Steele can send you a short piece to compare the cross-sections of your seals with the Chrysler ones or other brand.   You could also have the Studebaker National Museum send you a copy of the original drawing for the rubber parts (p/n 268264/268265 ?) and give that to Steele for a best match. 

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On 4/16/2016 at 11:02 AM, rbk said:

I gave John McCall some samples of these so he could reproduce them,

Ask Rex Miltenberger for his contact info.



Robert Kapteyn


I've given up on trying to contact John.  He doesn't even answer my calls now.  It is a shame that someone with his ability is so irresponsible. 

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