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Interesting article about a 1967 Buick GS "California"

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I stumbled across this interesting article online today. This 'Buick guy' has a GS California model that few people knew existed (photos)

Lots of photos -- not just of the GS.




From the article:

"[Dan] Williams, of Baldwinsville, N.Y., definitely is the Buick guy. He's owned a 1967 Buick GS that he restored and realized he had turned it into a trailer queen. In other words, it was too good to drive. That car won a bunch of important awards and when it could go no further he sold it.


Now he has an unusual 1967 Buick GS California, a low production two-door coupe that most people interested in old cars had no idea existed.


The story is this: During the mid-1960s Buick dealers in California were clamoring for something they could call their own, a car to sell that buyers couldn't get at Chevy, Pontiac or Oldsmobile dealers. General Motors agreed and made 1,577 versions of the Buick GS California, a so-called thin-pillar coupe that entered life as a plain Jane outfitted with the 340 cubic inch V-8 engine and little else. In 1967, Buick GS cars with the 340 motor were available in only two colors, silver and white, but since the California model was unique it could be ordered in any color Buick offered that year."


I wonder if Dan Williams is a BCA member and/or a member of this forum. Baldwinsville is near Syracuse. Do any of you from upstate New York know him?



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14 hours ago, JohnD1956 said:

I think it is Jim Williams.  He is actually the Director of the Central NY Chapter. 


Sorry. You're right. The article says "Jim Williams". I don't know where I got "Dan".

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