Bob Nixon

1937 Studebaker President Sales receipt

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I am looking for the current owner of a 1937 Studebaker President 4 door I do not have the Car Serial number but I do have a copy of the Car Sales receipt (Sales Order) when my dad purchased it USED in Jul 0f 1943. The paper has the Engine number listed as B23557 the Car serial number is not listed on the Sales order.  My dad purchased the Studebaker in 1943 It was the family car,  he passed away in  Nov 1949. Mom sold the car in the early 50's. Recently I was cleaning my desk and came across  a copy of the sales order when the car was purchased in 1943. I suspect it was sold via an ad in the South Bend Tribune in 1950's when mom sold it. I would be happy to trade the 1943 Sales Order for a current Picture of the car by it's self as it looks today. I would be satisfied with a digital image emailed to me. I do not own a Studebaker but I own 2 other collector cars my 31 Plymouth I bought in 1975, I have  collected the owner info on my Ply. I have a  Cadillac 1939 60S that I have not been able to find any info on the owner history of it. I thought  maybe with some luck I could track down the owner of Dad's 37. I am not interested in buying  the President but the owner might like the paper work I found..

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