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Zephyr restoration query

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Last summer, I was fortunate to acquire a 37 Zepyr Coupe in need of restoration. It has what I assume to be the original V12 that turns not frozen), all body panels, fenders and doors in tact with mild rusting on finish and only one fender dent. Interior appears to have been gutted at one point.<P>I fully intend to restore the car to "as original" condition. I don't think i want it to be a concours trailer queen, I know I want to be able to drive it every week or two.<P>The questions I have relate to how best to go about this restoration. I have the means to have the vehicle "dipped" and e-coated for body work, but would this process in any way dvalue the car since obviously e-coating was not an original process in 37?<P>I'm also looking to contact someone who has also restored a 37 coupe for some general tips and feedback on this endeavour. Also wonering if any special "tooling" was required for removal/assembly of some parts. Especially interested in the use of a rotisserie for floor pan work.<P>Any feedback is greatly appreciated whether it be in this forum or via private e-mail.<P>Many thanks,<BR>Jim

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