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LZ engine questions

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Looking for some knowledge on LZ engines. What was the first year with aluminum heads? And did aluminum heads only come on Continentials? At extra cost? Why are they better? Or are they? Are there any problems associated with them? Is a '39 engine a lower displacement engine than the '40 and '41 (I know the 42 was enlarged, then droped back down again after the war). How can one tell the difference between an early displacement engine and a '40, '41or later engine if it has no air cleaner? Are aluminum heads a prized addition to non Continental Lincolns? Do judges subtract points for LZs with Aluminum heads (non Connies)? And finally, did the continentals have a bigger displacement to make up for their added weight? I realize I've asked a lot of questions but any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Keith,<BR>I can't answer all the questions, but here's a start... The difference between the Zephyrs and the Continentals in the years ('40 and '41) when aluminum heads were still in use, was that the Continental heads were polished. To the best of my knowledge, the displacement was always the same between the Zephyr and the Continental within the same model year.

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