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1925 Sedan glass


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Mark each window frame at bottom of window with drivers front, rear etc. Also label, inside and outside of window . Take pics. When I had mine done they reversed several windows in the metal bottom riser and had to redo. Let them do it as they have the tools to remove the old rubber and replace with new.


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Recommend you measure the thickness of your original plate (non-safety) glass BEFORE removal, and be sure you can get the same thickness in modern safety glass.  Sometimes the new stuff readily available is 1/32 or more thinner and you may have to scratch for the correct thickness.  By measuring before you take the car out of service, you will minimize downtime.

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For the upper glass:

Outside width frame to frame is 39 3/4". Frame is 1". Height is 14 3/8" (top of Fram to bottom of exposed edge of glass.


Lower glass:

Same width ad upper.

Height is 43/8"


In the attached photos, it looks like it sits in the frame quite a bit. Also looks like a gasket on the ends.

Having trouble loading some photos on my phone. I will send them from my computer tonight.



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This is awesome Bill, thank you so much.

Does it happen to say anything about gaskets? I assume there has to be. With a lack of modern shock absorption it must take a beating.

It looks like disassembly is straight forward. (I jinxed myself, didn't I?)


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Doing a quick search online and found these guys.

http://www.streetrodglass.com/   Looks like they have patterns for EVERY car!

I asked for a quote thru their on line system and got one back in 5 mins! Front windshield is $125. I have asked further questions (gaskets, shipping, etc..)

Let you know what I get back. Sounds like a good price if I don't have to leave my house.




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Don't know about these guys, but be sure to ask about what "bug" (etched identifier) they place on their glass.  One outfit in Northern California insists on a very obvious and obnoxious-looking maker's bug that looks terrible on any restored-for-judging car.

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On 4/9/2016 at 3:46 PM, keiser31 said:

Tempered, flat glass should be available at your local auto-glass shop/installer.

Isn't auto glass suppose to be laminated? 

I know there is a difference between tempered and laminated. I believe tempered shatters into little pieces but violently, whereas laminated shatters in a more 'controlled' fashion.

I may be wrong on this so what are everyone's thoughts?


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On 4/10/2016 at 11:19 AM, Machinist_Bill said:

Okay, I looked in the A & B sedan listing and it matches your measurements. Darn parts book reads like computer instructions!

Correction to previous post:

Top Glass - DB part #19051 - 38" x 13-5/8" x 7/32"

Lower Glass - DB part #19063 - 38" x 3-21/32" x 7/32"

DB Glass 1.jpg

DB Glass 2.jpg

Hey Bill,

Where did you get this info?

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