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Banjo Fitting?


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Hi Guys,

                  I need a banjo fitting for the rear wheel cylinder on my '38. Left or right side doesn't matter, they are both the same. New or used is OK. Appreciate any help.



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8 hours ago, jpage said:

I think I have one for a '36 that has the female threaded part a little longer and angled away from the backing plate but it might work.

I'm not concerned about an identical match. If it fits/works I'm happy. Let me know what you want for it and I'll send you my shipping address. Thanks again!

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4 minutes ago, ArticiferTom said:

It's available on- line if you never saw it before you better a lot , a hour or so to enjoy .

Ha ha! Just what I need...ANOTHER car site to consume my hours! It's already like a drug for me.:lol:

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