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'40 3 windows

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Not sure what an AS coupe is?? Hope this helps, OC<P><BR>1940: 2Dr Coupe: 1,256 2Dr Coupe AS(?): 316 4Dr. Sedan: 15,764<BR>4DrTown-Limo: 98 2Dr Convertible: 700 2Dr Club Coupe 3,500<BR>4 Dr Sedan (???) 4 4Dr ("Custom") Limosine: 4 2Dr ("Zephyr") Town<BR>Car: 3 (???) Continental Cabrolet: 350 Continental Coupe: 54<BR>Total 1940: 22,049

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You're right, the AS after 2dr coupe stands for seats, but it means "Auxiliary Seats". I have a '41 3 window without the opera seats and I sure would like to replace the packing shelf with seats. Know where I might find a set? By the way, which way do they fold down, from the back or by the sides like the '40 ford?

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