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Tail light lens 41 Zephyr for sale Ebay

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Thanks pete are you looking for anything off of a 41' Coupe? Just wondering...I found a coupe and a 4 door sedan...The coupe is the 3 window with the back seat in it(I think that they called it the AS). And the sedan still has some trim and parts on it. Let me know.<P>Chris Nelson<BR>Kansas<P>nelsonspeedway@mindspring.com<P>I have pix if you need them.....

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Chris, If you're still interested in selling the jump seats out of the 3 window coupe I would be interested in buying them. I am looking to replace the packing shelf in my '41 coupe. Where can I view them? My email is listed below.<P>Keith Lee<BR>kclee@infowest.com

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