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Water pump grease for 27 Buick

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I just rebuilt my water pump on the 27 woody. What is a good grease to use. I have a tube of Amsoil Synthetic Water Resistant Lithium Complex Grease. I had a water pump rebuilt on my 26 Buick years ago and I think they might have said to use this but can't remember. thanks for any help. I got the kit from Bob's and real good parts.


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My take is to buy "water pump grease" from someone like www.restorationstuff.com.  Whatever grease you put into your waterpump, ends up in the antifreeze.  I have used Simple green in old radiators, run it for a couple of days, and then flush it out.  The amount of sludge and old grease that comes out is amazing.   I bought a separate grease gun just to keep the waterpump grease in.  The gun has the amelite fittings for the water pump. 


Thanks for the picture.  Your car looks great.


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