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1916 clutch Relining


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The cone clutch on my '16 model d-45 has been grabbing for a while. I now have the transmission out and see that the clutch is greased up pretty well to the point where I don't think I can salvage the lining. I am sure that at least several people have done the job of relining a cone clutch will leather and I call upon their experience here. A couple of questions come to mind right away;

 1, My lining now is in 2 pieces (has 2 seams) is this correct or should it only have one?

  2, Should the new leather lining be sized and installed wet so that it shrinks tight around the cone. or does this negate the function of the springs under the lining?

 3, what is the best way to counterbore the leather for the rivet heads?

 4, finally, which way should the leather be installed, skin side down or up?


Any insight into this is greatly appreciated.



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