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Travel Chanel TV Show needs a convertible near San Juan Batista Ca


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I was contacted about this request. I am FIVE hours north of San Juan Batista Ca. That is too far for me to go help . I KNOW there are car owners right there near where they are doing this that can help. HOPE someone can contact her and make this happen!   TELL HER She Must put in a short PLUG for AACA!
Here is the message she sent to me:
To give some background I'm an Associate Producer with the Travel Channel show Hotel Impossible. We'll be filming an episode the week of April 18 at a local hotel in San Juan Bautista, CA. Every show we start with our host Anthony driving somewhere nearby to show off some the scenic areas that would attract tourists and then drive to the hotel. For this we wanted him to drive on Hwy 1 over the Bixby Bridge (since it is a very iconic attraction in the area) and then drive to the hotel. (I know it's about an hour drive so he wouldn't need to actually drive it the whole way if that were an issue).
We would only need the car for a couple of hours in the morning of probably April 19. It would have to be in functioning/driving condition and look nice enough for on camera. The year doesn't really matter as long as it has that 1950's-70's look however we ideally we would need the model to be either GMC, Buick, Chrysler or Cadillac. 
Let me know if you're able to help out! I'd really appreciate it as my producers are hounding me to find this, ah!
Diana Glogau dglogau@atlasmediacorp.com
Associate Producer | Hotel Impossible
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