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original ignition parts for most European microcars

Guest Electricben

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Guest Electricben

The last 40 years my fascination was to learn everything about the old-fashioned ignition systems which were used on oldtimers and classic cars, made between 1930 and 1970.

Like the most of you will know the most wellknown manufacturers of ignition systems are Autolite, Bosch, Delco Remy, Ducellier, Ford, Lucas, Marelli, PAL, RB and SEV. However there did exist a lot of other rather unknown manufacturers of ignition systems.

My fascination has lead to a very rare stock of ignition parts, including ignition points, distributor caps, rotors and condensors, especially for European microcars.

I am living in the Netherlands, but i can send parcels all over the world if you are interested in obtaining rare ignition parts. But, be fast. You will understand that my stock is very limited ! ! !.


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