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Selling my "Buick Shop Trucks"

Mark Shaw

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I recently purchased a 1908 Model F Two Cylinder Buick that I have wanted for several years.  But before I could buy it, I agreed to sell two of my cars to help offset the purchase. 


So I now have a 1986 GMC Caballero shop truck with Buick rally wheels for sale.  (I couldn't find a Buick Caballero, so I sort of made one.)  It has new tires, everything works nicely and the AC has been converted to modern coolant but there is a slow leak in the compressor seal.  Asking $7500.

NADA Price     $7,850 $12,300
Options: (change)
305/160 HP V8 Engine     5% 5%
TOTAL PRICE:     $8,242 $12,915


I also agreed to sell my 1924 Series 24-Six Buick "cut down" pickup.  This was originally a touring car that was cut down to make a truck.  This was often done by farmers who would replace the family car and convert the old one for farm use.  I was asking $12,000, now reduced to $10,000 & it & comes with a spare engine and many other spare parts.  Some may remember this truck at the BCA meet in Rochester MN where I got it running, replaced the fluids, tires, tubes, & flaps and drove it on two PWD AfterTours.


Please PM me with offers if you are interested in either truck.





24 Buick PU Left Side.JPG

24 Truck BOP.JPG


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