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48 Lincoln Power window problem.

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I would like to know if any "Hyd. window systems expert" knows how I can make my power window Hyd. pump fluid under pressure. The pump will move fluid from the discharge pipe if I remove the "pressure relief valve", (Very low pressure) when I hold the Relief vave in the port, the vacuum will suck the valve from my hand. With all the parts installed with or without "spacers" on the pressure relief valve hex head plug, It will not pump pressure. Any help out there in old car land???????? Thanks for you help. Willie confused.gif" border="0

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The window motor that I was using was going the wrong (I guess it was wrong) direction (Clock-wise). I have another power window motor that turn counter clock-wise, now the pressure relief valve push outward, however I still did not get any pressure. A help after this update???? Do you have a good one for sale??? confused.gif" border="0

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