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55 port hole lights blue


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You will have to re make one I think, That said, has anyone actually made something for their car with a 3D printer?


Lots of people say "make this on one or make that" but I have never seen anyone (over lots of old car forums) actually make something and show its manufacture, the other thing I would be concerned about if you were able to "Print" a lens; is that the plastic is a thermal plastic and I imagine that the nice new lens would turn into a nice new blob soon after the light was turned on


That said, look up (google) silicone mold making and see how to cast your own lens and you can then experiment and make your lenses whatever color you like :)

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Personally, 3d printing is a viable option.


As noted above, you will be 3d printing in a thermoplastic (not 'thermalplastic' as stated above). The most common material printed is ABS plastic. Its usable working range is up to around 170°F or 180°F. So basically, you would be fine if you dont use a bulb of over 25W.


On a side note about thermoplastics: it is a very broad term. It includes such plastics as polycarbonate plastic, which houses headlights for today's modern cars. These do not melt when the lights are turned on...


With that said, I have had parts printed for a car, just not my Buick. It was for a racecar I helped build years ago in college. We printed an intake runner/manifold system. It never melted. It leaked because we had to print it in segments due to the size of it vs the size of our printer. 


Just my .02 :)

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I am yet to personally see a printed part, especially directly off the printer, so I am measuring my comments, but I do not believe you could print a lens and have any sort of clarity to it without a lot of work. Simple casting would be so much easier

I looked into getting a 3D printer, just because I like messing with stuff and I think it would be interesting, but I do wonder when people suggest "just print one" wether they have done it, seen it or know anything about it, most have not (I expect)

Pictures I have seen of printed parts are far from smooth (as you would expect from something that is built up in layers), so for a lens, it would require a lot of sanding and polishing on all its surfaces to clean it up

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Not that I want to turn this into a debate, BUT, I based my response on the statement that it would melt, and its relevance to being a thermoplastic...


If you are speaking of clarity, that is a whole different situation. You then need to look at the material matter (crystaline vs amorphous for example) and many other aspects.


There are companies who specialize in printing clear parts. You really dont need it to be crystal clear, as the glow will still appear even if it is semi opague. It's not like they are going to be headlights! haha


And as far as 'casting' one, keep in mind that material choice is key, as is the processing of it. I design production injection molds for thermoplastics, as well as molds for thermosets and silicone. At the end of the day, material choice and processing always wins.


Ps, we also have a 3D printer ;) 

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"3D printing" is also a pretty generic term as it can be applied to a variety of different processes.  We've had metal airplane parts "3D printed" using a spray aluminum process...


I agree that your best bet for finding something close is probably going to be a big truck stop. If you can't pull off a match, you may be down to making an all new set. 


As as far as making them blink goes, my biggest problem is that we've got 6 portholes and 8 cylinders. My best guess has been to use inductive triggers from each plug wire, and simply skip one on each side. That would result in a missed beat, which may actually be cooler at high speed, but I'm not completely sure. My next option would be a 6 cyl. distributor driven off the fan belt... 

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