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My name is Jan and some of you might now me from the 1954 Buick forum. I've got a 1954 Buick Special Riviera, which was my kick-start for the Buick hobby. I didn't had much time to drive her in the past years, because of another project.


After I bought my 54 Buick, I met MrEarl and we started the 54 Buick Highway at www.1954buick.com. Besides that I collected everything that was for sale about 54 Buicks. That was the beginning of the reference part of the forum. Some sellers had packages of old Buick stuff, plus I started to take a look at other model years, too.


Today, about ten years and over 3,000 collected, scanned and digitalized items later, I am very happy to announce the launch of my time-robbing project HOMETOWN BUICK. My dream to provide all major info to all 1950s Buick owners & fans finally came true. You will find for all model years:


  • All models


  • Production statistics


  • Interior trims


  • Exterior colors


  • Body Tag & VIN plate decode Info


  • Lists of optional equipment


  • Online literature


  • Videos


  • Wallpapers


  • & much more


Here is the full story: http://www.hometownbuick.com/hometown-buick/


You can also explore the my collection which I call the "Hometown Buick Collection". I will add items continuously.


You can visit my new website at www.hometownbuick.com. I hope you enjoy it! If you have anything to add or improve, please let me know! Honest feedback is very much appreciated!


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Very NICE,,,,,,,,I am HAPPY for YOU!


Fitty Fo's are very cool pieces.  I was married in 1960 in my Fitty Fo Century HT. 


Dark blue, lowered, dual exhaust, scallops painted by one of George Barris's painters, Manfred (Mandy) Holder, on a dirt floor garage. Sprinkle can wetted the floor before the spraying.  He taught me the scallop procedure.  First person I saw apply masking tape out of a sealed bag, then after he laid it on the car he lightly sanded the edges of the tape to remove any FUZZ.  That was in 1956.


Dad was with Buick nearly 60 years, worked his way up to become a dealer, so was raised to LOVE BUICK'S.  Dad would say, " IF YOU DON'T DRIVE A BUICK, YOU ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH".  Sure had me believing such, hehe.  May he rest in PEACE.


We had several Fitty Fo's, one was a Skylark the color of your HT.  It had bright RED exposed concaved fender panels.


Wishing you the BEST,


Dale in Indy

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I'd like to congratulate Jan on the Grand Opening of HOMETOWN BUICK and say well done sir. I have known of the project for several years but must admit am truly amazed at the finished product. But knowing Jan as I do I am sure there will be even more to come in the way of updates and new features. I feel we are privileged to have been selected by Jan as a venue for opening and hosting his new site. The features and amount of material he has allowed FREE access to is quite spectacular. The books and literature he offers for sale are all top quality print and material. It is a joy to see this young mans dream become a reality.

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Thanks Lamar! :-) And thank you for supporting me over the years!

You're right, the launch of the website is just the beginning. I have thousands of items I'm going to share.

Currently I'm working on the records containing radio commercials. The one for 1957 is just awesome!

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Congratulations Jan, I look forward to the '57 radio spot, for obvious reasons!

Much success to you and Hometown Buick. Check out Jeff Stork's Buick Town

on Facebook...he's from a GM family and a retired Buick guy who grew up in Flint

and runs a great page. Dedicated to original Buicks and full of insight, I think it

would be a good fit for you. 


Is there a European show/swap meet that you think is the best for American cars?

I come to the Veterama Show in Mannheim on some years looking for Mercedes

parts, but no Buicks.


Again, best wishes,


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I've scanned, optimized all original interior trim combinations for the 1954 Buick line! :-)

You can find them here: http://www.hometownbuick.com/1954-buick/1954-buick-interior-trim-combinations/

Most of them are with sample!


Want to know more about the 1956 Buick assembly? Read this!


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3 hours ago, JohnD1956 said:

Great advertisement, but I am wondering why there is a banner saying it's a 56?  Was that banner part of the original advertisement?

Hi John, thanks for noticing that! It wasn't part of the ad, I've put that layer over the ad. Unfortunately YouTube doesn't allow to exchance videos, so here is the correction: 



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