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Various 16 valve parts:

  all used..........
bare head  110.00 SOLD!!!
long block       95.00
sprockets   55.00 (set)
trans           112.00 just rebuilt but not installed due to broken wrist
(not mine, his)
non 16 valve parts:
 trunk reflector  52.00 have 3
 park light.  right side only.  45.00
 floor mats       33.25  most colors
 headlamps      115.00/pair  includes cornering light and bracket
 grilles                41.60 each SOLD!
 dash pad  ginger only  46.00 
 set of top weatherstrips 105.00 includes the doors
 floor pan    100.00  have one left
 steering wheels  29.00  most colors, later ones include airbag
hood pads  25.00 EARLY STYLE SOLD OUT!
stainless trim on the fascias 15.00 each
piles of side trim and mirrors  22.00 each
door edge guard moldings...3 colors  2 SOLD!
I have LOTS more not listed. I just bought out a guy in Tucson that had a small hoard.
His wife went nuts as the stuff was everywhere in his house and he had to unload it 
super cheap or face some serious divorce action. I dragged it up to Tempe (2 tractor-trailer
loads) and am still slogging through it. Most of the stuff was really nice except for a small 
amount that ended up in the drink when he had it outside during the summer monsoon.
So saved his marriage and now my wife is freaking out too as our place is overrun with parts.
At least it's not in my refrigerator yet. 
FREE shipping in the lower 48 on smaller items
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I will buy the bare head. Shipping to 98201, please.


I would like a hood pad as well. (those are TC specific IIRC)


What's the deal with the dash pad? Pictures? I might be interested in that, depending on what exactly it is and the shape it's in.


I'm also interested in a non-airbag ginger steering wheel (TC specific)


What transmission?

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here's the 91 scuff plate parts:


COVER, Door Opening
4464 738 1 Right
4464 739 1 Left
2 RETAINER, Scuff Plate Sill
4463 074 1 Right
4463 075 1 Left
4463 802-3 1 Ginger
4463 806-7 1 Black
4463 072 1 Right
4463 073 1 Left
5 4463 056-7 1 GASKET
6 4463 076 2 GASKET
7 4463 062 4 GASKET
8 AR SCREW, (Not Serv.)
9 COVER, Rear
(Use Up To 1-15-90)
4463 710-1 1 Ginger
4463 714-5 1 Black
(Use After 1-15-90)
4464 724-5 1 Ginger
4464 726-7 1 Black
10 PANEL, Cowl Front, w/Moulding and Carpet
4463 792-3 1 Ginger
4463 796-7 1 Black
11 AR SCREW, (Not Serv.)
12 4464 795 3 INSERT, Door Opening Molding (Screw Attaching)



there also is the weatherstrip that seals the door opening in the body.........


what do you need?

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At the risk of sounding like a total tool, I do have to ask if the first parts offered were real as some people indicated it might have been a 4/1 joke.

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It was posted 4-1 so that's the answer


I do have a mountain of NOS parts for these cars in spite of the post above




for a YEAR search put in:








Q= Maserati TC

J= Lebaron 1987-95


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  I have made at least 23,000.02 from posting this ad. Mostly from scamming innocent people just trying to keep their relics running just one more day.

As a result I have spent 2 months in jail, paid out 250.00 in fees to my lawyer, been subjected to not one but 2 ankle monitors, and more I can not talk about here.

I am still attempting to sell parts out of a booth by the freeway but the police have hounded me incessantly.


  So now I have decided to give up the whole "old car" business and I'm going to offload my inventory to some guy in China. The offer was OK and I am still

going to be a consultant for the next few months. Then I plan on retiring to some community founded by the Shakers.   



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North Korea not China is what I meant (see edit history)
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