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Belgian bodied Rolls Phantom I in Petersen Museum

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I ever so much want to believe that the aerodynamic art deco Rolls Phantom I in the Petersen Museum  (see this story http://theoldmotor.com/?p=58822)


was really built in Belgium before the war by Jonckheere. But supposedly when a later US owner exhibited it at Pebble, he lost out on Best of Show because he didn't have documentation showing it being built in Belgium, by Jonckheere. No drawings, no photographs of it being built, etc. (blame lack of documents on factory fire). Now the thing that raises the red flag is that it was shown at carnivals across the U.S. as the Duke of York's car when I couldn't find evidence of him owning any special Rolls (other than another Phantom, a station wagon of sorts, that he smuggled his divorcee girlfriend around in). So carnival guys, in this case Max Obie, are likely to say anything to get you in the tent. Does anybody else recall seeing drawings or photos of it being built or tested in Belgium before the war?  Like I say, I want to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny but it's the lie told by the carny that has me suspicious on the whole thing...

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