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Painting 1935 Pontiac chrome emblems

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I have recently had a few 1935 Pontiac emblems chromed and now have to paint parts of them before putting them back on the car. I haven't done this before and am wondering the best way to go about prepping / painting the chrome so the paint will stay on. Any ideas and / or suggestions are welcome.


Attached are some pictures of the emblem I will be painting ( Pontiac 8 ) and an original emblem ( Pontiac ) with the original paint still on it.


Thanks in advance,




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   I have used on my Chrome parts A product called  " 1 " Shot  sign painters  lettering enamel.

My body man told me about this product. It has been on my chrome 7  years and is this holding up.

Give  it a try. You can find it on line or a local sign painting company. PP

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