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Painting 1935 Pontiac chrome emblems

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I have recently had a few 1935 Pontiac emblems chromed and now have to paint parts of them before putting them back on the car. I haven't done this before and am wondering the best way to go about prepping / painting the chrome so the paint will stay on. Any ideas and / or suggestions are welcome.


Attached are some pictures of the emblem I will be painting ( Pontiac 8 ) and an original emblem ( Pontiac ) with the original paint still on it.


Thanks in advance,




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My chrome shop proprietor told me to lightly scuff the are to be painted with a Dremmel tool fitted with a mild abrasive "cone" style tip.  Carefully, go around the letters and lightly scuff the smooth surface to give the area "tooth". Then any good enamel paint will adhere.  No need to use a primer, just paint over the chrome.  For a real quality finish, coat the lettering and other elements that is to be left chrome with a petroleum jelly, then "shoot" the piece with the red enamel.  When completely dry, just wipe off the petroleum jelly and you will have the results you are looking for.  Remember, 95 percent of a good paint job is preparation.  Taking your time and a steady hand is required in this intricate work.  I know.  I am doing such for my 36 Master 6 Coupe that I am doing a ground up, frame off restoration on.  The other "fun" jobs are the hubcaps, and stripes in the bumper, the dash light element, radio head, etc., etc.


Hope I have been of some help.



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