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HV-12 rebuilder near LA?

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I have a 41 Continental Cabriolet (LZ convertible Victoria?) that I parked when the rear main was pouring oil. The best oil pressure when running was 8 (when cold) So I know it needs a rebuild. Who can be reccomended to do this. <BR>I live near Los Angeles<P>Colorite builds these (very well I guess) but at $10k it is a bit too high for me. <P>Does anybody know anything about "Frenchy" in Phoenix? <P>There was a person in Woodland Hills (Dick something?) but I dont see his ad in TWOTZ anymore. <P>Any recomendations? I fix lots of stuff but motors always escape me.

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Call Alan Mest in Gardena. Better yet go there and see his shop. It's like stepping back 50 years. He is really good and really reasonable. He has all the original Ford and KRW tools. His number is 310-532-8657.

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