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FOR SALE - 1946 GMC 1 1/4 Ton

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This truck was purchased in 1993 with the plan of restoring it, however time has marched on and space is becoming limited so it is being placed for sale. The pictures are current from when truck was moved March 2016 from my yard which I had to vacate to my residence. It was last running about three years ago so I have no reason to doubt with some fresh gas and a jump along with a little luck it will fire up. I just ordered a new battery, plugs, wires, pointscondenser, rotor and cap so I should have it running shortly but wanted to get this posted asap.

Pictures provide details as to condition which is overall quite good for a 70 year old vehicle. Cab, floor, corners, roof, doors, hood, etc., all in very good condition with nothing that cannot be repaired quite easily. The truck could be driven as is, no integrity issues with frame, suspension, steering or sheet metal. The frame, suspension, steering all are in very good condition and operational as is. Brakes are unknown, once truck is started that will be determined along with 3 speed manual transmission, however once again I have no reason to believe they will not operate as they did three years ago when the truck was last running. The stake body and bed are in need of complete replacement, however left in tact for measurements and style if interested in restoring to its previous style. Of course the chassis can be restored anyway you like or retrofitted to a simple flatbed, dump, tow, low rider, rat rod, etc., previous stake body is only one option.
I am happy to assist with loading the truck and assisting with delivery logistics. PLEASE come and inspect the truck or contact me to answer any questions. 
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