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A/C compressor question

Barney Eaton

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Replacing the compressor on my '91 because the original (with 20K) froze.

The new one is somewhat different on the hose end and the Delco instructions are less than stellar.

I need to add PAG oil to the compressor....the instructions say to drain old oil (from the old unit) and that would be from the pop off valve. the new compressor only have one hex fitting on the back

(see bottom of photo)  and right now that appears to be the only place, other than the in and out ports, to add the oil.

Second question, does it matter which port on the accumulator/dryer to add the PAG oil?


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I think I have it under control.........this 1991 Reatta has just over 20K miles and while working on this repair, it appears there was little or no oil in the system when built.

I tried draining the compressor....absolutely no oil, same with accumulator/dryer, no oil.   Yesterday I tried flushing the lines...with air only and I get no oil indication from any of the lines.

At this point I am ready to reassembly and believe I have everything to start.   The most difficult item to verify is the 2 "o" rings at the orifice.   None of the autoparts stores here could supply the o rings unless I purchased a kit.   Don't need a Kit as the compressor comes with seals and the accumulator/dryer came with seals (using all Delco parts)   I measured the fitting and did some calculation,  I think the o rings should be 10mm inside diameter and 2mm thick.    I did buy a "universal" a/c o ring kit a advanced auto parts but it does not have those exact dimension o rings.

Bad weather today and a car show tomorrow means I may not get back on the job before Sunday.

This o ring thing is such a minor item....seems like the parts would be easy to come by....I hate to "force fit" the wrong o rings.

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