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48 Lincoln transmission

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Gentleman,<BR>I have a 1948 Lincoln Club Coupe original and in good condition. I have had an ongoing problem with gear oil slowly leaking thru the vent at the top of the transmission. I have been using SAE 80W gear oil. I have noticed in the service manuals that the transmission vent as illustrated appears to be taller than the one I have on the car. Mine, actually is short and looks like the vent for the Ford V8 transmission. It leaks approx 3/4 of an inch of the fluid level per year and is more of a mess than a mechanical problem. There also does not seem to be any felt or membrane between the button top of the vent and the body itself. The button just rattles freely. This car would have been made at the tail end of the production and I am wondering, if possibly, I have the wrong transmission vent. I am hoping someone out there reads this and can shed some light on the subject.

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