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1930 Oakland Indy Car Recreation - Status?

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Hello all, 


Some time ago, I heard that someone was considering recreating the 1930 V8 Oakland racer that participated in the 1930 Indy 500. The original car #38 placed 11th and was driven by Claude Burton. I haven't seen or heard if the recreation project actually got started or if the car is completed. Does anyone have an update or perhaps know of anyone else attempting an Oakland Indy tribute car? Any information is appreciated. Thanks! Erik (ford_1919)

Oakland Indy Racer 1930.jpg

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I don't know ... but, you might try contacting the Pontiac-Oakland Museum in Pontiac IL.  I don't know if they'd have info on that or not....



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Two mates of mine from Australia (also Oakland V8 owners) went over and worked with John to get it running for the 100 years of indy celebration. 


Here is a photo I was sent the other day. 



vscc - Blue form 2004.jpg

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