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WANT Old (late 20s??) Engine parts Catalog/s

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Need a replacement engine parts/clutch? catalog/s that I can use for vendor engine ID in trucks---Buda, Cont, Herc etc---with good/fair coverage of late teens to mid 20s; OK if includes cars/other eqpmt (Ag, Const etc). ALREADY HAVE good coverage from late 20s up...

MUST have make, model ID with engine make model, like, f'instance:

Dixie Flyer (car) "70" 1919-21 ..HS 7000

Menominee (trk) "H, D, 11/2 & 2Ton"  1917-19...Wisc UUB

Yuba Ball Tread (tractor) "12-20" 1917-21...Wauk PU7 (tractor lists seldom include years)...

Cash or trade??---have some non-engine 30s catalogs, misc old car paper items---Vaporizing Of Paraffin In High-Speed Motors (Elec Ign), Edward Butler, London, 1917; Elliots Auto'ble Power Plants 1923, Ency Am'cn Cars 30-42, Molony,  Veedol 101 Tips For Motorists1922?, a few old ads,  Worldwide Diesel Catalogs 65, 71-72?, a few old road maps?, various tag ends of old collection.

Bud Tierney Email thru site or thru smokstak.com



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