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v 12 engine codes?

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are there codes on a 40 - 47 v-12 to tell the year or car it came in? We found codes that were cast and stamped. The cast came from the back of engine. top rear (58H A31622) (B2) (small 198) (D) ON THE BOTTOM FRONT WHERE OIL PAN SEAL WAS IS STAMPED ONE SIDE(Y155) THE OTHER (D24 D) THE INTAKE HAS THE DATE 11-17-47. THE HEAD # ARE 26H-6050 ANY INFO HELPFUL RONNLAURA2@CS.COM RONNLAURA2@CS.COM

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Hi Ronn, this is not totally definitive, because the parts numbers you gave do not make much sense to me, {they well may to others) but if that was really a 56H number on the first one, that is 1946, the 26H on the head is a 1942 designation, but may have been carried through to the postwar models, I personally don't know, would seem that you have a 42-48 engine there, which could be a 305 ci, or a 292 ci, giving 130 HP, or 120 HP respectively, look for a number on the block that says 26H, 56H, 66H, or 76H, this will tell you the year of the block, component numbers were all over the lot, and don't tell you much, for restorative use, it doesn't matter too much unless the engine has the same stamped number as the VIN of the car, which would make it a genuine, and a plus for a show car, otherwise a V-12 that runs decent is usually adequate for any Zephyr or Continental, good luck

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