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1928 franklin going in estate auction april 2 2016


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  • 4 weeks later...

I attended the auction. The Franklin and Jeffries cars both had reserves. I believe the reserve for the Franklin was $25,000 and the Jeffries was $15,000. The Jeffries was 75% restored. 


The Franklin and Jeffries parts were auctioned off for less than scrap prices. I bought what Franklin parts I could but did not have enough room in my Tacoma pickup bed for everything. Moreover, I just couldn't carry the heavy parts to my Tacoma.


I could have cried. Two Jeffries engines (circa 1916) went for $5 apiece. A Jeffries frame went for $5. 


There probably were enough '28 Franklin parts to assemble a compete car. However, seats and engine jugs were not there (rats!)


The auctioneers were very professional & entertaining. Kept things moving. Parts were auctioned off at breakneck speed. I took a short break and missed out buying 3 Franklin carbs for $10. 



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