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Wanted Chrysler 72 rear end gears

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WTB  Chrysler 72  3.58 rear end  gears , ring and pinion or complete center . Would need to be shipped to CA if available in  USA

.  Come on guys, someone must be able to help , I would consider other ratios between 3.5 and 4.3 to 1  


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 I've finally had time to research your request from my parts book. The 3.58-1 rear end was only fitted to the model 72, however the parts book also mentions that some model 72's were fitted with another axle that was also  fitted to a model 60.

 I had to find a rear axle pumpkin for my G70, so wish to offer some advice. The Chrysler axles of this era vary enormously, you may find a model 60 rear axle, but don't assume the pumpkin will fit your axle housing, the bolt pattern and even the size of the rear cover may be different. If you buy a complete rear axle from a 60, your hubs may not fit the side shafts. Some early rear axles the back plates are riveted to the axle housing, others they are bolted. Some of the side shaft have a screw in bearing adjuster and some have adjustment with shims. Brake cylinders also have subtle differences. Also check out if the right hand drive and left hand drive are the same? These are some of the pitfalls you need to know.

 Over the years I have aquired 2 Chrysler rear axles of about 1929-31 vintage, but could not use them for the G70, they both have internal expanding brakes and I still have to identify them. I assume your car had external contracting brakes?

 I would suggest you put a lot more details of what you are looking for on this site, plus some good photo's showing the brake backplates/cyl's ,any markings on the axle housings, pumpkin, gears etc and some measurements of the gears and even a drawing showing measurements of the diff rear cover. There may be others who have old axles lying around that they can't identify.

 As you appear to live in New Zealand, I would suggest trying Hans Compter, or some of the Australian Chrysler clubs, such as Chrysler restorers club of South Australia, there were a lot of Chryslers in Aussie.

 I will also send you a pm.

 Good luck with finding your needs



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  Thank you for your reply , l value your thoughts and suggestions. 

  This is my first Chrysler, you are right they used many parts which do not interchange between the various models. I have much to learn.


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