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What happened to my AACA Reatta link?


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What I did was to delete the page stored in my "Bookmarks" list.

(I use FireFox. If you use IE it would be in your Favorites folder)

Then I Googled AACA forums and clicked on the link that takes you to the Main AACA Forums page.

I bookmarked this page instead of the Buick Reatta Forum threads page.

I use this page to get to the Buick Reatta Forum and it works every time. No more "database  error" message.

From this point, you could scroll down to the Buick section and click on Buick Reatta (has sub header "Buy-Sell").

That get's you to the threads page we all know and love. At this point you could Bookmark the page or add it to favorites (depending on your browser) instead of bookmarking the Main Forums page.

Hope this makes sense and helps.


John F.


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