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1938 Lincoln Zephyr model

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Hi was just cruising the web, using "Lincoln Zephyr" in the google search engine, and there were a number of sites with models of Zephyrs, for sale, didn't see a '38, but a '37 and a '39 for sure, as well as some later ones. A friend with a '39 sedan, collects old toys, and has a number of rare old models of Zephyrs from the era of the '30's amd '40's, might try some old toy sites?? Good luck

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Several years ago, Matchbox came out with a 1938 Lincoln-Zephyr convertible coupe model. It's part of their "Models of Yesteryear" series in 1:43 scale. The one I have is maroon with a tan interior and the number of this model is YY064/B.<P>I believe there is also a 1:43 scale model of a Zephyr coupe produced by a Canadian firm. I've seen both of these occasionally on eBay.<BR>Good luck.

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