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Thinking about selling my 33 PD


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Thinking about selling the 33 PD because another project has come up I would like to allocate these funds for.  Wondering what other people might value it at.  It seems to be in original condition.  I do not see anything missing either.  No rust or body damage.  Worst part is the motor is tired but still runs fairly well yet.  It smokes especially going down hill.  Othetwise great oil pressure and no overheating since cleaning up the radiator and water passages.  Only thing not factory is the hidden voltage regulator in the generator.  Interior is in tack but is starting to dry rot from age.  Wiring is similar shape.  My kids and I still drive it regularly but sometimes in this hobby we have to open up a parking space.  Any thoughts/opinions would be appreciated.





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Some more pictures.  It has a really nice cluster.  The temp gauge works but was frozen in head.  I was going to try and fix it like ply33 documents bit been busy putting my 34 back together.  The temperary temp gauge I have to give back to my friend that lent it to me.





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1 hour ago, rageracing said:

Thanks for the comparison.  It's so hard to tell because the range is all over the place.

True, it is not easy to set a price....but there is a stronger demand now, for original survivors, compared to restored.

That is in super shape IMO.

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