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’69 Sport Wagon, a 71 4 door, and a 76 Electra 4 door


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The time has come to start moving some of my father-in-laws Buick stuff.  In this case stuff means cars!
To start with, so we can get at other ‘stuff’, there are these three:
A ’69 Sport Wagon, a 71 4 door, and a 76 Electra 4 door.
I am listing these all as parts cars, partly from condition and partly because we haven’t found the titles yet.


The Sport Wagon has rust in numerous places, and all of the special glass is delaminating to some extent.  It does have a lot of the other trim though. I was able to get the 350, 4 bbl, engine to run, but the transmission would only work in reverse, try maneuvering around the drive way like that!


The 76 Electra has a 455 and seems to run, drive and stop, at least in the driveway.  I wouldn’t try to drive it any distance since it hasn’t been on the road in 10 - 15 years.

The 71 is also a 455 car, but I haven’t tried to start it yet.  It hasn’t been on the road in the same 10 – 15 year time frame.
I was considering keeping one of these engines for a project, but have determined that I will be well into my second century once I finish with all my other projects.


The List of Craig seems to set the price of a 455 at $500 and that is what I am asking for each of these 3 cars.  The cars are all located in Colorado Springs, CO.   If I don’t get a quick turn on the entire car, I will consider removing parts.  One way or another, sale, donate, or scrap, these need to be gone by the first week of April.
Please PM me through this forum if interested or you have any questions.






















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13 hours ago, MrEarl said:

Lot of car for $500 each!! Lots of good parts but hopefully someone will consider them for a cool daily driver or beater. Me I'm holding out for the yellow car.:D



So now I am curious! What is the "yellow car"?

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Guest fatboybuick

Hello where are these located I'm interested in the 71? if too far it's some parts I could use, cluster for heater, speedo and radio, can I have pics of the skirt chrome, hood hinges, bracket that holds the glove box door closed, aND the glove box pocket.  is the pasender seat power,  and the pin for the air cleaner for the carb. shipped to 53206 lmk 4249403222

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