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Timing chain replacement instruction needed


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My Timing chain broke (my fault) and is off (1941 -120).

1. What type of puller is needed to get the sprockets off so I can replace the chain? (Shop manuals indicate a special puller is needed to get them off together and imply that both must be off to replace the chain.)

2. Please confirm my understandings below:

a.  the crank sprocket can “simply” be pulled without  removing any other fastening system

b.  the cam sprocket can be removed if I can get the nut off . 

c. both sprockets are keyed

d.  for re-installation, if the #1 cylinder is on TDC, and I align the “o” marks as shown in the manuals, then the camshaft must be in the correct position and valve timing will be correct.

3. Somewhere I have a torque spec list that indicates “camshaft sprocket nut:  140-160 ft/lbs”. Can I assume that degree of tightness can be achieved after the chain and sprocket are in place ?

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1.  You don't need the specific factory puller, there are many types of common harmonic balancer tools that will do the job.


a.  Yes.

b.  Yes.

c.  Yes.

d.  Never bothered, I just aligned the "o" marks before I pulled the gears and chain, and reassembled same as it was diassembledf.

3.  I suggest you reckeck your source, seems like an unlikely amount of torque.  Regardless you can probably do that if you put the car in gear and lock the parking brake securely.

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