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1922-23 Complete Cadillac Engine

Guest Mrs Fye

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Guest Mrs Fye

This Pre War Cadillac engine has been sitting in a friend's garage for decades and he's decided it's time to let it go.
It was obtained by him when he was a young ambitious man and the project it was intended for just never manifested.

We believe it looks very complete.
Obvious to us: It is missing the spark plugs and an inspection plate on the transmission.

Left hand water pump is broke off the mount. Air pump is there, it has been broken ( it may be usable parts?)

Not running, condition unknown, likely stuck as there is rust in the spark plug holes. 

We haven't tried to lift it out to further inspect it; he does have it sitting on a dolly and not directly on the cement.
It is deep in the shadows and among of a variety of heavy hobbies.  We will be leaving it there until we have an interested party.
More pictures can certainly be taken, just inquire if there's something specific you'd like to see.

A little research on the engine # 61 Z 3953 seem to put this 1922-1923
although the owner's memory was to date it 1924
More pictures available.
Thank you for your interest.
 (360) 490-8441


cadillac engine 001.JPG

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