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39 V-12 coolant foam

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I have a problem with foaming in my coolant, and have to run the radiator 1 gallon low. I suspect a leaking head gasket, but fear the possibility of a cracked block. Has anyone else experienced the problem? I hate to blow a $116. gasket set just to find out.<P>The car runs fairly cool

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That is an excellent place to start, Pete, but what does not compute is having to run the system a gallon low, that is a lot of coolant, and is not explainable with the information we now have, I would watch out for collapsed hoses, regular and heater, and stuck thermostats, but something is still goofy here, be sure to run a compression check when you have the plugs out too, my brain might blow a gasket on this one, be sure and let us know the outcome-

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