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Favorite Pictures of My Post War Buick

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We all like pictures! Sooooo


This thread is for posting pictures of YOUR Post War Buick's. Just pictures and a brief description. It will help us all know who has what and sort of put a car to a person so to speak.


Still post more detailed pictures and dialogue in the Me and My Buick forum please!


So let's see them! and who knows, maybe your car will end up featured in a calendar some day.

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Here are two of my 1958 Buick Special convertible that are my favourites (so far...)


1958 Buick Special - Port Huron - 2006 - pic2 copy - re-touched.jpg

This was in Port Huron, Michigan right at the mouth of the St Clair River where Lake Huron empties into. Blue Skies, Blue Water, Top down, does it get any better than this?

58 Buick Gas Station (3) - Copy.jpg

Port Huron, Michigan again (same day). This was their Tourist Information Office.


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On March 24, 2016 at 9:16 AM, SpecialEducation said:

Both built in Kansas in 1956.  A poster of this pic hangs in Plant I at Beechcraft.


We have since replaced the tires, re-chromed front & back bumpers, and re-covered the seats.  I guess it's time for a re-shoot.  



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For some reason this thing doesn't like me. I still am not sure how I got here. Now that I am I want to say, this is a great shot. The location is wonderful. Lighting is excellent. Subject is fabulous. I must also say though, when I was a kid, these Buick's scared me after dark. That grill looks like part of one mean face to a small child. 

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Here is some shots of our '64 Riviera, which I finished a restoration on in 1985, and our '85 'T' Type Riviera (Turbo V-6) which we have owned since new.  We use both cars regularly on BDE Tours.  Both are great road cars for touring long distances from Michigan.  Our BDE tours with these Buicks have included South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, Iowa, Ontario Canada, and of course, Michigan.





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