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Favorite Pictures of My Pre War Buick

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4 hours ago, Robby120113 said:

Somewhere in the past they cut an opening just above the vacuum wiper motor for easier access. Seen it before on other buicks. Hard to repair unfortunate 

If you removed the extra hardware that they added and tacked it in place, with a little bit of bondo and some woodgrain touchup, it would look like new. 

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On 4/4/2016 at 3:19 AM, Lawrence Helfand said:

I hope everyone who has been working away over the winter on their projects are getting close to their goal of a road ready car for Spring. I got my 41 66S into the shop at the beginning of February for a phase one going over. The right side fenders got swapped out as well as the hood for starters. Fresh cooling system with modern core and lots of tidying up of fragile wiring loom etc etc. I also removed from just the front right side front suspension and frame almost 40 lbs of Pacific Northwest mud asphalt, volcanic ash and two S&W shell casings. I actually weighed it out on the shop scale. Almost ready to slap the historic plates on it. Waiting on the under seat heater cores to be re soldered. She still is sitting on jacks until the heater is re installed.





It's very beautiful.  Looks cool

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