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Problem loading Photos...

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Every time I attempt to load a photo I get a generic message saying "There was a problem uploading the file". I've tried loading both photos I've loaded in the past and new photos. When time is available could this too be looked into? Scott...

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Photo Upload:


See attached.


The photo you sent me uploaded fine.


Right Click:


See attached


It works for me on my Mac. I don't have Windows so do not have a way of addressing that issue.


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.32.01 AM.png

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19 hours ago, Peter Gariepy said:

Peter, First, thanks for posting the photo for me. That is the photo I wanted to load but could not, nor could I load other photos. I'm running Windows 7 and IE 9 and Norton Internet Security, no changes to my system for some time now and did not have any issues with the functionality on the AACA site until this current update of the Forum Software. As it stands tight now I can not upload photos and the generic message that posts telling me that the upload failed does not give enough info to identify the cause for the failure.


Also, the photo is a screen capture showing the my right click to open a new tab had stopped working with the new Forun Software. When I right click I originally was given the option to open in a new tab and now I'm presented with the long list of of options shown in the photo you posted for me. Where to go from there? Scott..


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Hi Scott:  IE9 went end of support with Microsoft in January of this year.  So while it will still work Microsoft will no longer publish fixes and updates for IE9, which will certainly create some website compatibility issues as time rolls along.


But based on the three things you mentioned (Norton, IE9, and Win 7) there are a few things you can try.

  1. If you have not done so purge your cache in IE9 and then retry the forum.
    1. If this works great
  2. Try and run the AACA website with compatibility mode turned on.
  3. Make sure all Windows updates are current and all Norton updates are current
    1. Retry forum and see if it now works
  4. Disable Norton, open a new browser session, and then retry the website.
    1. If this works then something in Norton is blocking either IE9 or blocking features from the forum software
  5. Run IE9 without add-ons ( do start-->run-->and paste in the following  “%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” -extoff
    1. If this works then you either have an IE add-on which is creating issues or you have some malware which might be causing issues.



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Test photo and test screen grab follow, all appears to be working now. For the record and those that may be interested I installed IE 11 and all is good again. Thanks Peter and Bob for their help on this. Scott...


Test photo:



Test screen grab:


Ok, for some reason the screen grab does not save although it does let me paste it. Minor issue...



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