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shim [steering and ignition lock]

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I need to know why the need for a shim beteeen the ignition lock and the dash is required, when I removed the dash no shim was<BR>installed, and the parts book states as required for part number 3682 and varies from<BR>"as required to .120 for the 40-Z "O6H model's.My dash fit's perfectly to the contour of the steering lock.<BR>Has any one used a shim and why? <P>Bill Uhouse

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Hi Bill, don't know this to be gospel, but the logical reason for the shim may well be as follows. the only adjustment on a LZ to move the steering wheel fore or aft, for tall or short drivers, is in the slotted holes where the steering box bolts to the frame, if this adjustment were made for a tall or short driver, the shim may have been used to take up the resulting slack between the mount and the dash, that not compensated for, could bend the dash, or cause movement in the top of the column, or the mounting bolts would not line up on the dash, makes some sense to me anyway

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