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Fender skirt latch mechanism

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I need help, am working on restoration of a 1936 zephyr thar was started 20 years ago. During the paint and body work process parts have become lost. Big problem is fender skirt latch. I have no idea what it looked like. Have not been able to locate> Can something be fabricated? Other missing parts include skirt trim, running board trim, tail light lens and tail light bezel. <BR>Can anyone help with these problems?<P>Craig

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Hi Craig, I have talked to one of the regular LZOC vendors about skirt locks, and he apparently reproduces them, his e-mail is awhelihan@aol.com, he quoted me $40.00 each for them. Skirt and runningboard stainless is tough to find, but a good stainless steel fabricator can bend you up some very acceptable substitutes, especially if you have the opposite sides, or some bent up originals, also stainless is one of the most repairable of metals, in capable hands, the bezel and lense I can't help with, good luck

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