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another question for 39 owners,or thoses in the know

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First, thanks for all the help everyone has given this past month. Its made it a lot easier to get started with this project, knowing there is help out there when it's needed!<P>*Through The Henry Ford Foundation, I found that my 39 came in the color black, even though it had been painted the Zehyr blue.<BR> The interior was a tan cloth of some sort, and or did come with and option of leather!<BR> Can anyone describe to what design or pattern may have been on cloth or the leather? <P>*This car had been restored and shown 25 years ago, and all is original and un altered but the color/interior and the gas tank neck had been placed in the trunk, and the hole covered over. With no leaks, no vapors and the shaven gas neck gone, would this be a mistake to leave the filler neck as it is now? Or to a collector would this be a down side?<P> Thanks! David<p>[ 11-05-2001: Message edited by: LIVINGSTON ]

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