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Vacuum antenna help


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I purchased a vacuum antenna for my 1941 Buick convertible. The RF connector appears to be a different style than what was used on a 1941 Buick. Maybe this was used on a Packard. I am unsure of its origins. I am hoping that someone can identify it for me and also may provide me advice on an acceptable way to connect it to my radio.  Thanks

41 ant.jpg


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That long pin arrangement doesn't look familiar.  


Packard usually had a separate page or two of install info or other documentation shipped with the accessory and didn't publish much info in the readily available parts books for those years.  I do know a lot was bought from vendors and while overall they looked identical to other mfgs, on a lot of things small details were somewhat unique to Packard. The chrome nut on yours looks identical to what I have on my 47 antenna but hard to know if they used the same antenna in 41 as they did in 46-7.  The radio connection is quite different.


Here is typically what is  seen on Packards (some years the pin is on the cable side and slides into antenna receptacle) but the nut and socket attachment is fairly constant and much shorter than that one..


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