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"Would you like to receive notifications?"

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Every time I click on a topic, a forum, a post, or anything else in the forum, I get a pop-up window asking, "Would you like to receive notifications from this site?" Every time I have to select the drop-down menu, choose "Not Now" and move on. I believe it's part of Firefox, something called Web Push, not necessarily related to the site software, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to disable it? It's uber annoying.

Formerly reliable and compact Firefox has become almost unbearable to use, takes up a ton of memory, and crashes often enough that I think I'll switch to Chrome. But in the meantime, any advice? I've gone through all the options and preferences on Firefox and can't find the specific way of disabling this and it only happens on this site and only since the upgrades.


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16 minutes ago, Spinneyhill said:

Under the Options - Content - Choose menu you can select web sites to receive notifications from. Unfortunately my list is empty so I can't remove any web sites!

You need to add the site first by one of the methods I showed above before you can see the site in the Options-->Content-->Notifications/Choose options.

Also be sure to determine which of the two scenarios above you see in your browser when you click the i button (as one sets the notification temporarily and the other sets the notification permanently).

In addition if you purge your browser cache at any time and have the option for "site preference" checked then any saved website notification settings you had previously set will be erased. - Bob

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