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1976 Buick Electra Limited Derby Project -- Cruise Straight Through the Apocalypse

Guest BA_455

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Guest BA_455

"Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick" -- specifically, one built like a battleship and customized to cruise comfortably (if thirstily) through the end times?

image 1

A street-legal, never-raced tribute to the road warriors of the demolition derby circuit, this '76 Electra Limited is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own and enjoy one of the wildest, weirdest, most wonderful objects on four wheels.

First, the bad news: After a cretinous mechanic botched a timing chain replacement, I rebuilt the top end of the stock 455. It still runs rough, however, and will require expert attention to get it shipshape for summer cruising. The symptoms: (a) audible knocking, (b) an intermittent rough idle, and (c) an oil leak from the bottom of the timing cover. It also needs a coolant flush.

The good news: My partial rebuild gives you a wealth of new and refurbished parts to work with, on a generally well-preserved, low-mileage (64K) powertrain. I no longer have time or a half-acre of extra driveway space, so I'm looking for $1,200 or best offer from someone who wants to finish the job!

--With summer cruising season right around the corner, luxuriate in the standard features of this top-of-the-line Electra Limited, including pillarless power windows (who needs air conditioning?), power steering, power adjustable driver's seat, and enough burgundy crushed velour to upholster a disco lounge.
--Alternatively, if the zombie apocalypse turns out to be right around the corner, take comfort in the less-standard features of this Electra, including the propane torches that shoot three-foot jets of flame from the hood (currently disabled), custom-welded grille guard, massive rear leaf springs, spanking-new brakes, welded rims, and high-torque rear differential from a 3/4-ton Chevy truck, complete with heavy-duty wheels and tires.
--Other new or refurbished parts include the starter and solenoid, Quadra-Jet carburetor, HEI distributor, plugs and wires, and radiator, plus newly cleaned and repainted cylinder heads, rocker arms, and intake manifold.
--Liven up your town's 4th of July parade, and help your Prius-driving neighbor remember that there is much more to life than feeling vaguely smug and self-righteous all the time.
--Conveniently roomy cabin and trunk for transporting large items, such as your neighbor's Prius, or (should the need arise) the entire nation of Luxembourg.
--Original owner's manual included, along with both Chilton and Haynes repair manuals for full-size GM cars.
--Use the cool sponsor decals to get free gas from any Sunoco station! Just kidding.

Reply to this post with questions, and please PM me if you would like to set up an appointment or make an offer.  Thanks for looking!

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