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1939 Lincon Zephyr conv.

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Well ..looking for more advice ...the car is running better but still more work to be done.<BR>1.Any one have a source for a N.O.S. fuel tank or rebuilt tank?The old one has a leak and has internal rust.<BR>2.Engine running very rich.cleaned carb a number of times....5 miles per gallon ....tops?????<BR>3.engine has new rings, rebuilt distributor,rebuilt coil,new condensors,new points bench set, new wires,rebuilt generator, new voltage regulator, rebuilt starter,new 6 volt battery,double positive ground.<BR>4.Engine will barely spin over?????I installed an 8 volt battery which helps a bit at best but it has ruined 2 voltage regulators in the process.any suggestions??

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Hello mrmom, Maybe I can help. I tried the standard 6 Volt battery, (740 Cranking amps),It turn over my newly rebuilded V-12 very slow. Now I'm using an 6 Volt "OPTIMA" batt. with 980 Cranking Amps. It works much better. You may find a Rebuild fuel tank at "Merrin Adkins, Ph. (909) 980-1332" (Calif)I got a good fuel tank from him last year. smile.gif" border="0

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