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V-12 Oil Pressure sending unit.

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Hi Willie, my Ford catalog lists 2 numbers for that item, one the 48-9278 is for 50 lb gauges, the correct one for your 1948 car is the 80 lb unit, 41A-9280, this is the same as Ford and Mercury, and may well be available at the Ford Obsolete parts vendors, like Bob Drake and Dennis Carpenter, the intrigueing question is why you need the sending unit??? Nothing hardly ever goes wrong with them, but if you are getting a low oil pressure reading, that is an "oh-oh" and check the unit to make sure you don't have a 50 lb sender and a 80 lb gauge, I believe this will give a low reading, which nobody wants to see on a V-12, hope that helps-

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Thanks for the reply, When I found the car it did not have a V-12 installed, (Also no sending unit) I'm using the wrong sending unit now. I have a direct reading gage on the engine so I have good oil pressure. I just want the gage to read the correct pressure. I'm using the 85 PSI oil pump. Thanks again. Willie<P><BR> cool.gif" border="0cool.gif" border="0

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